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Inglis and Laffer have a message!

Regardless of your political leaning, you should watch this video from Bob Inglis and Art Laffer.  Bob was the Keynote speaker yesterday at the SC Clean Energy Summit and this video is sort of a summary version of the his excellent presentation.

Clean Energy Summit Powered by Renewables

COLUMBIA, SC – June 28, 2012 –  When the first-ever SC Clean Energy Summit takes place in Columbia on July 18, it will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance (SCCEBA), which is organizing the summit, is working with Palmetto Clean Energy to purchase about 2250 kilowatt hours of electricity, an amount equivalent to what’s needed to power the one-day event. Palmetto Clean Energy or “PaCE” is a non-profit organization that allows customers of South Carolina’s investor-owned utilities (Duke Energy, Progress Energy and SCE&G) to buy tax-deductible blocks of green, renewable energy. PaCE contributions are used to fund locally-produced renewable energy.

According to Program Manager Andrew Epting, SCCEBA has chosen to power its event with SC-generated clean energy to “put its money where its mouth is.”  Rest