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The Wired Challenge!

Wired Magzine has issued an EARTH DAY challenge (cannot explain why they didn’t send me the e-mail until today but …):

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Wired and YouRenew are challenging readers to recycle 40,000 consumer electronics in one month and get cash back.

From Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, through May 21, go to and type in your used phone, digital camera, laptop, or even your old calculator to find out what it is worth.

Thinking $5, $10, $20? Think again. The average order is $65 and can go as high as $275 for an iPhone 3GS.

It’s easy. Send the used item(s) to YouRenew and they’ll send you what it’s worth; YouRenew refurbishes and resells the products, keeping them out of landfills, where they leak lead, cadmium and mercury into our environment and ultimately our drinking water.

Help us, help the Earth.

IBM Focuses on H2O

IBM used to be a computer company.  Today they are a “knowledge economy” company.  They will bring their enormous research talent to any problem any where on the planet.  They will look for ways to make a solution that is “better, cheaper, and faster” than current technology, and water purification is an area where IBM is rapidly making a name for itself with nanomembrane technology.


This technology is a type of “bionano” technology.