Monthly Archives: October 2009

Milliken Men

Mike Baird and Cassidy Carlile, Milliken & Company

By Stefanie Caraviello

More than half-a-century of experience exists between these two men, who work for a company that has devoted more than 100 years in finding alternative uses for manufacturing waste, and is a certified carbon-negative manufacturer.  (rest at the SC Chamber)

Farming In The City

Tucked away in a three-acre former vacant lot in Rosewood between an empty warehouse and an industrial laundry is an odd sight: an organic farm and fish hatchery.

This is no backyard garden. It is a completely sustainable farm – within the city limits. (rest at

Recycling Used Printer Cartridges

Paying for costly ink jet cartridges often ticks off consumers because the expense can quickly exceed the price of the printer. But the machine is useless without them. You can reduce the cost for ink, which is among the priciest liquids you buy at about $5,000 per gallon. Here’s how: (rest at