Monthly Archives: January 2009

Safety verse Power

The cover story of the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News is The Greening Game.  It provides a quick read on what the major cleaning product companies have been doing over the last year to make their products better for the environment.  Let me know your thoughts.  Is this evidence of folks taking steps in the right direction or just “green washing” by marketing departments?

ABA Cleantech & Climate Change Committee (CTC3)

Sorry it has been too long since the last post.  Hopefully I can keep that from happening again.

Numerous members of the American Bar Association (think lawyers, not beer) have been organizing a group that is focused on “cleantech and climate change.”  Their goals are to (i) raise awareness of legal, policy, science, and technology issues related to climate change; (ii) strengthen the capacity for effective legal, technical and market-based responses to mitigate greenhouse gases, ease adaptation, drive innovation, assure compliance, and preserve environmental integrity; and, (iii) as appropriate, assist with the development and implementation of domestic and international laws.  The CTC3 will draw upon the expertise of public and private sector members from a wide range of practice areas and coordinate with other committees within the ABA Section on Science and Technology Law and in other Sections.

Once the CTC3 launches their website(s), I will pass it along for those of you who recognize that being “green” sometime requires societal rules (laws) and people who are knowledgeable about such rules (lawyers and everyone else with the time and motivation to stay abreast of the changes in these rules).