Monthly Archives: November 2008

Plug-In to eCycling

A few days ago I mentioned switching from paper statements to e-bills in connection with the vendors that bill you monthly.  If you are not sure how much good this can do, head over to the green calculator at and let them run some calculations for you.  Every little bit helps to keep us with our Green4Life goals.

Another interesting resource is the EPA sitefor their “Plug-In to eCycling” program.  They have information on working with most of the big electronics firms for recycling of their products.

Green 15

For some short references to 15 outstanding folks in South Carolina who in one way or another are advancing the goals of the “Green4Life” brand, check out this article from the State Newspaper.  If any of these folks should see this post, please let us know by dropping us an e-mail at “Info@” this domain.  We want what you want so let us know how we can help.

Bicycle-sharing in Europe

The International Herald Tribune has a great article today about the rapid spread of bicycle-sharing in Europe.  I could be wrong, I think the growth of these programs is a clear signal that the European commuter “gets” the multiple benefits.  They can save on costs for the vehicle, the fuel, the parking and the servicing and they can reduce carbon and other emissions while benefiting their own health.  Barcelona alone has added 80 miles of new bike lanes in the last 2 years.  Places like Chicago, Boston and New York that are still studying their options need to get with the program.