Monthly Archives: October 2008

Go Green Today

You may have converted one or more of the typical statements you get in the mail into “green” e-bills, but have you looked recently to see if there are more you can convert?  Each day the small steps we take move us toward a better future.  The Chinese proverb tells us the a journey of a thousand miles begins with one foot in front of the other.  Look today for ways you can convert more of your paper statements into paperless e-bills and other ways you can be Green4Life!

Right under our feet … and over our heads

We all may think “How obvious” but it takes people throwing an idea out there to get things moving.  Check out this article from August about using the heat from asphalt parking lots to generate energy.  Then say something to an elected official about how we need to implement projects that utilize this form of solar energy as we repave out roads and parking lots.

And speaking of solar energy, this more recent article shows that corporate America is starting the process of turning large parking lots into huge solar panel “farms.”  The panels may be black but the energy screams “green.”  If any company has a parking lot with solar panels overhead and passive solar heat exchanger technology running through the asphalt under the cars, please drop us a note at Info @ this website and we will try to feature your efforts in a future post.

Green Is Good For Business Conference

The City of Columbia, SC and the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce had a great conference today covering many reasons why being “green” is good for your business.  Shortly after the City joined the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Climate Protection Resolution in 2006, the City organized its Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) group for the purpose of identifying measures that can be taken to reduce greenhouse gases.  To learn more go to their website and read more about what they are doing.

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